Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love

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You may be deeply in love and want to trust that love, but as a Taurus, trust is hard for you.

Mercury in Pisces makes it safe to express one's actual feelings, no matter how vulnerable.

Taurus, the universe supports you. Your partner's joyous reaction may surprise you. He loves you. Nice!


Mercury in Pisces will make you want to treat your companion like a treasure and show your affection in words.

You're excellent at actions, but you've longed to express your darling how you feel in words

but you've never felt you could bring those words together in one adoring sentence.


You're ready for your "new life". This means you've known for months that you need to adjust some things in your life, especially your caustic nature.

You've damaged your significant other with your careless words, but Mercury is now in Pisces, and you're finally ready to give love your all.

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