Zodiac Signs Who Never Apologise

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1. Virgo

Virgos never apologise. Perfectionists dislike other methods. They never like others' methods. They refuse correction.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios never apologise, so write down the date and capture it in whatever way you can.

Scorpios want power and act to gain it. Everything that challenges their power threatens them.

3. Leo

The zodiac sign with a huge ego never apologises.

Leos' huge personalities and self-images don't like being threatened. Leo thinks people either adore or detest them.

4. Aquarius

Aquarius rules the eleventh house of love, friends, and generosity.

They should be receptive to criticism, understanding, and forgiveness given their rule, yet they are not. This zodiac sign rarely apologises.

5. Taurus

Bulls are unapologetic. They're stubborn. Whatever happens, they'll stick to their beliefs.

Apologizing implies they are no longer right. They're intractable. They're reasonable.

6. Aries

They are willing to end partnerships over disagreements, unlike Taurus.

7. Capricorn

If someone apologises, it calls their meticulousness into question. They find sharing and apologising difficult. 

They apologise, but their acceptance is rare. Apologizing feels like exposing themselves to assault.

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