Zodiacs Signs Will Hurt Virgos Most

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Adventures and spirited conversations await these signs. They'll challenge and inspire each other.

Aries is selfish. Virgo gives. These couple will sacrifice for their loved ones.

Trying to please Aries will deplete Virgo. Aries' silence will make them resentful.


Leos desire attention 24/7. Kids demand frequent praise and I love yous. Virgos love more simply.

They clean, wash, fetch you up from the airport, and stroke your back. These indications may be madly in love, but they'll express it differently.


If Cancer plays their cards well, Virgo is the perfect match. They both want a serious relationship.

They seek deep, intense partnerships. These indicators may cause communication challenges.

Both are people-pleasers and will sacrifice to make the other happy, leaving them unfulfilled.


Sagittarius and Virgo will be passionate lovers. Their bedroom chemistry will be amazing.

Yet, the relationship will remain strained. These indications seek different things. Sagittarius crave freedom.


They'll talk smartly. Their thoughts will fall in love. But, physical chemistry will be limited.

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