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Zodiacs Who Are Down To Clown

Geminis are witty, creative, and communicative. Kids love pranks and laughing. 


These clever pranksters will utilize their charm and brains to create complex hoaxes that will amaze you.

Aries, the zodiac's fiery leader, loves a challenge, and what better way to exhibit their boldness than with some pranks?


These impetuous pranksters will immediately pull a hilarious trick that leaves their victims dumbfounded.

Sagittarians adore adventure, spontaneity, and comedy. Fun-loving pranksters will go the additional mile to make their targets remember them.


If you're planning an April Fools' Day joke, you'll need a Sagittarius!

Leos, the zodiac's royal lions, crave attention. They're ideal April Fools' Day pranksters.


These charming pranksters will make their tricks big, bold, and unmissable.

Leos' drama and originality will make their April Fools' Day pranks last.

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