Zodiacs Who Catch Feelings Quickly


They want a movie-worthy romance, so they always think their current crush is the one.

They feel the relationship will succeed if they work hard and say the right things.

Cancers have big hearts and settle down early. They don't play games or stall. They choose committed relationships to establish a life together.


Passionate Leos feel things immediately. They also lose feelings rapidly.

If they're ignored, they'll get bored of their crush. Leos are demanding and need attention.


Libras love. They refuse mediocre love. They want extraordinary love.

Despite their lofty standards, they fall in love often. Because they see the best in everyone.


Pisces love tiny acts of compassion. They swoon when someone opens the door or complements them.

People have problems liking someone a little. They're smitten. This individual dominates their thoughts.

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