Zodiacs Who Love Dogs More Than You

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People can cry in front of their dog, complain, and snuggle anytime. Feelings are allowed.

Then they're themselves. They can tell their dog anything without judgment.


Taurus hates unpredictability. Their dog constantly provides loyalty and consistency.

Their passion for their pet is clear. Constant love. Since their dog never leaves them, they will always love it more than you.


Cancers love. They enjoy helping people. They prefer treating their dogs to their lovers, friends, and family.

Their dog will always be pleased to see them and spend time with them. Their dog will receive special attention even better than the people.


Dogs are the most loyal, which Leos enjoy. They'll never get more attention.

They can't expect their lover or friends to leap when they enter a room. Their dog will.


Dogs help Sagittarius have fun and appreciate life. Dogs are lively and playful, which Sagittarius love.

They also enjoy lazing on the couch. Dogs improve everything.


Capricorns doubt. Dogs are much more trustworthy than people, who are always afraid of betrayal.


Most dogs and Pisces are empaths. Dogs will comfort you and lick your tears.

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