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Top-Rated American Salads

    Top-Rated American Salads

    Artisan Avocado Salad at Avocados – Gainesville, Georgia

    Brunch is not limited to French toast and coffee, or (depending on your hangover) eggs Benedict and mimosas. If you enjoy good food and afternoon beverages, brunch is almost never a terrible idea. The avocados and artisan salads in Gainesville, Georgia tend to concur with this statement. You can order them with or without grilled chicken; with artisan lettuce, feta cheese, and a cilantro vinaigrette dressing; and, of course, with freshly chopped avocado and gluten-free bread on the side. Regardless of how you feel in the morning or how difficult it was to recover from the night before, this salad offers the proteins and carbohydrates you need for a mid-morning or early-afternoon boost.

    On Yelp, both the salad and the bread have garnered some notice, with the artisan salad being one of the most often referenced dishes. “The gluten-free bread tasted exactly like REAL BREAD,” exclaimed Cindi R. That may be the highest accolade that can be given to gluten-free products. “When I go out for lunch, I generally have the artisan salad, which is delicious,” remarked Tori H. “The greens are always quite fresh, and the chicken is well cooked.”

    Cobb Salad at Sadelle’s – New York City

    The Cobb salad, another iconic American salad, is a regular at Sadelle’s in New York. Located between Soho and the Village, Sadelle’s serves enormous quantities of the classic salad; Yelp reviewer Perry T. described the Cobb salad as a “virtual acre of lettuce and goodies.” These tasty treats consist of bacon, chicken, egg, avocado, and tomato snuggled in a forest of lettuce. This salad is ideal for sharing due to the generous portion sizes alone. “We split a Cobb salad that was enormous and delicious,” wrote reviewer Jackie W.

    Sadelle’s also gained notoriety for its menu of Jewish cuisine and its renowned bagels. Grubhub proclaimed Sadelle’s to have the greatest bagel in New York in 2016. According to Ryan Sutton of Eater, New York, Sadelle’s is an iconic destination restaurant for bagels, brunch, and dinner at any time of day.

    Sutton stated, “This is the result of transplanting the culinary traditions of the Lower East Side to the Soho shopping district.” Sadelle’s provides an instant New York afternoon favourite. When you visit, be sure to get a salad.

    Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad at Harvest Wine Bar & Restaurant – New Haven, Connecticut

    Top-Rated American Salads

    Another illustration that demonstrates salads can be made without lettuce. At the Harvest Wine Bar & Restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut, they have substituted a bowl of leaves with a short tower of shaved Brussels sprouts on a little cake of Parmesan-crusted risotto, topped with copious shavings of Parmesan and drizzled with a truffle oil vinaigrette.

    This salad even caught the attention of Josh Levinson, the so-called “pyjama-pants editor” for Between Two Rocks, a New Haven-centric blog. “While it calls itself a wine bar, Harvest is without a doubt one of the top restaurants in New Haven,” said Levinson in an article about the city’s finest cuisine. “The shaved Brussels salad is one of the menu’s hidden treasures… If you order it, your only regret will be having to share it with another person.”

    Ono Island Ahi Salad at Aloha Salads – Kailua, Hawaii

    One Tripadvisor reviewer said, “OMG, the freshest, most delicious salad I’ve ever had!” Aloha Salads has expanded beyond the island of Hawaii and become a global enterprise, even launching a salad bar in Harajuku, Japan in 2017. Their Ono Island ahi salad is low in calories but bursts with the bright, invigorating taste of Hawaii. Ahi tuna serves as the meat component in a salad composed of mixed field greens, strawberries, mango, bean sprouts, avocado, green onion, and shredded coconut, with a mango vinaigrette on top.

    In an interview with Eating Out, co-owner Sara Lufrano of Aloha Salads stated, “We wanted to offer a lunch alternative to the traditional plate lunch of meat, rice, and macaroni salad.” Aloha Salad distinguishes itself from other salad bars not just by being health- and environmentally conscious, but also by using locally-grown food and locally-caught ahi tuna in their Ahi Salad.

    Milano Salad at Bella Milano – Springfield, Illinois

    According to Food Reporter Kathy Rem’s State Journal-Register restaurant review, the Milano salad at Bella Milano is a favourite of hers in the state capital of Illinois since it is simple yet tasty.

    She regularly orders the excellent Milano salad. It is a combination of iceberg and romaine lettuce, green onions, prosciutto ham, cheeses, and creamy house dressing. Even though the restaurant is on the more expensive side of our list, it hasn’t prevented social media users from raving about Bella Milano and its self-titled salad.

    One Trip Advisor reviewer stated, “Still one of my favourites.” “I prefer to begin with the house salad. It’s simple, yet so delicious… a terrific appetiser in and of itself.” Similarly, the Milano Salad continues to receive positive reviews on Yelp. Carolyn C. describes the salad as an incredible delight. Melanie M. goes even further, stating that it is “death-defying.”

    Boise Chopped Salad at Fork – Boise, Idaho

    The Boise chopped salad, which is so delicious that it shares its name with the city, is the type of salad designed to satisfy your hunger. It is comprised of the arugula-spring mix, smoked king salmon, white cheddar, dried sweet corn, pepitas, Balsamic tomatoes, pearl couscous, and black currants, and is served with Fork’s house-made buttermilk basil-pesto dressing.

    According to the hospitality company The Plasencia Group, “The Boise Chopped Salad (aka “The B.C.S.”) is a favourite among Boise travellers and locals.” Even if you don’t like smoked salmon but still appreciate fish, Fork has a smoked catfish or smoked trout B.C.S. for you. And if fish isn’t your thing, you may use crispy or roasted chicken instead. Essentially, there is no reason not to order.

    Top-Rated American Salads

    Falafel Salad Bowl at Public Greens – Indianapolis

    Veganism might be challenging in terms of the local food environment. Even salads are not always vegan, as dressings and other animal-derived ingredients are not part of a vegan diet. With their vegan-style falafel salad dish, Public Greens in Indianapolis proves that wonderful cuisine does not have to be sacrificed for health. This salad is vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free, the healthiest possible combination. Kale is used as a bed for radishes, carrots, cucumbers, and a big piece of sliced avocado, with fried falafel occupying the remaining space. Even the salad dressing (in this case, a delicious champagne vinaigrette) is vegan-friendly!

    It is notably popular among vegan-focused restaurant review websites, such as Happy Cow. The eatery is a “must try” if you are in the region, according to reviewer LoriZavada. Public Greens is also admired for its commitment to the community since the restaurant’s profits are used to combat food insecurity among Indianapolis’s youth.

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