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US Favorites Store-Bought Chicken Salads

    US Favorites Store-Bought Chicken Salads

    You can spread it on crackers, spread it in sandwiches, drop a dollop on a salad, or even stuff it into tomatoes. All of these applications are possible with this spread. This classic meal from the South is so easy to fall in love with because of the copious amount of mayonnaise that holds the chicken salad together. Chicken salad is one of our favourite light protein options. It is impossible to have a proper summer picnic without at least one bowl of refreshing chicken salad, and this time-honoured meal is frequently requested at ladies’ lunches and bridal showers. There is no “wrong” way to enjoy this Southern staple, regardless of whether you are a purist when it comes to chicken salad or whether you prefer lots of fruity and nutty mix-ins.

    Although it is always our first choice to whip up a batch of homemade chicken salad, there are times when we simply do not have the luxury of time, and purchasing chicken salad from the supermarket is simply the most convenient option. We put six of the most popular chicken salads found in supermarkets through a taste test without knowing which one we were eating. Our goal was to find the chicken salad that we would buy again and again (with Southern Living editors graciously volunteering as the testers). Here are some of the best options for chicken salad that you can buy at the store to have on hand for those times when you simply do not have the time to stop by the deli.

    US Favorites Store-Bought Chicken Salads

    The Contenders

    Whole Foods Sonoma Chicken Salad

    It is well-known that Whole Foods specialises in the preparation of specialised meals, and the Sonoma Chicken Salad is still considered to be one of the market’s most traditional dishes. Because of the widespread popularity of this chicken salad among customers, the recipe for it is now available online and can be followed at home. This chicken salad is an elevated version of the traditional dish thanks to the inclusion of nuts, grapes, and poppy seeds in addition to the bite-sized pieces of chicken. The Sonoma Chicken Salad received very good feedback from the taste testers. They particularly liked the acidic flavour and the meaty, chunky texture of the chicken. In general, this chicken salad is a wonderful option for offering as a basic dish.

    Whole Foods Classic Chicken Salad

    The Sonoma Chicken Salad is virtually identical to the Whole Foods Traditional Chicken Salad, with the exception of the inclusion of a variety of exciting mix-ins. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for people who are allergic to nuts; however, it also means that you won’t be able to enjoy tasty grapes and poppy seeds. Testers remarked that this version had a robust dill taste, and the Traditional Chicken Salad is created with poached chicken, celery, and mayonnaise. If you are heading to Whole Foods, our recommendation is that you get the specialised Sonoma Chicken Salad rather than the traditional one. The Sonoma Chicken Salad proves that traditional dishes do not have to be uninteresting and that one may have a pleasant and savoury dish without deviating too far from the norm.

    US Favorites Store-Bought Chicken Salads

    Publix Classic Chicken Breast Salad

    In comparison to some of the other available options, the texture of the Publix Classic Chicken Breast Salad was silkier and more thoroughly mixed. The primary components of this chicken salad are cooked chicken breast, mayonnaise, and celery. This chicken salad is about as straightforward as it gets. Relish and red pepper are also added to give it a little zing, but testers considered this chicken salad to be a tad bland in comparison to the more dynamic chicken salads that are packed with fruit and nuts. While some of the tasters picked up on dill flavours, others were unable to detect any hint of heat from the red pepper.

    This chicken salad is hearty and flavorful, with a texture that is especially chunky and huge pieces of cranberries and celery that are blended in throughout. This chicken salad is the one that has the most vibrant colours to look at. Several tasters have remarked that TJ’s Wine Country Chicken Salad has a hint of sweetness to it due to the presence of huge bits of delicious cranberries as well as delicate flavours of honey on the finish. The chicken is delicate, and the crunchy poppy seeds and nuts provide a good textural contrast to the chicken. A glass of wine and some cheese would go wonderfully with this chicken salad.

    The Favorites

    Mrs Stratton’s Premium Gold White Meat Chicken Salad

    Get to know your new best friend at the supermarket if you’re on the hunt for a traditional chicken salad. Mrs Stratton’s Premium Gold White Meat Chicken Salad has a texture that is exceptionally smooth, which enables it to be easily distributed. Participants in the test agreed that sandwiches would benefit greatly from the spreadable chicken salad. According to the feedback of one taster, the flavour is the one that comes the closest to that of homemade, and if you want to really spruce it up, you can toss in freshly sliced celery for additional crunch. Our taste testers awarded this chicken salad with a gold star because of its refined texture and time-honoured flavour.

    Archer Farms Rosemary Chicken Salad

    Our tasters voted Archer Farms Rosemary Chicken Salad as their top pick for best chicken salad overall among all of the varieties they tried. This chicken salad has a silky smooth consistency, and the tasty combination of dried cranberries and aromatic herbs is what really won over the crowd. In spite of the fact that it was a blind tasting, the participants were very immediately successful in identifying rosemary as the key component of this chicken salad. In addition to this herbaceous touch, Archer Farms incorporates green onions and Parmesan cheese into this chicken salad, thereby transforming it into an Italian-style dish.

    The rosemary in this chicken salad caused quite a bit of debate among our panel of tasters, despite the fact that it ultimately emerged as everyone’s top pick. Some people believed the flavour of the herbs was too strong and didn’t belong in a chicken salad, while others commented that even if it isn’t traditional, it sure is delicious. It was unanimously decided by everyone that this chicken salad has an elegant and distinct flavour. Pick up a container of Archer Farms Rosemary Chicken Salad at Target if you’re looking for a chicken salad that’s a little out of the ordinary but still tastes wonderful.

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