Cancer & Virgo’s Emotional Compatibility

This can lead to misconceptions in their relationship. 

The more rational Virgo processes everything intellectually, whereas the very sensitive Cancer takes everything to heart.

Cancers internalize problems and can be passive-aggressive, whereas Virgos are strong on communication and enjoy discussing problems as they arise.

If Cancer and Virgo wish to remain "blissfully connected," Virgo must be more considerate of Cancer's emotions. 

They may not be as perceptive as the crab, but by recognizing their partner's moods, they can respond more properly.

Cancer, on the other side, must develop patience for Virgo's more reserved emotional approach.

Although while Virgos do not express their affection for Cancer every five minutes, this does not imply that they do not care.

They can also learn from one another. A Cancer-Virgo relationship can achieve harmony between intellect and heart.

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