Mindful Eating for Weight Loss

1. Control Appetite 

The majority of individuals require approximately 20 minutes for their brain to register that they are replete. 

Control Appetite 

This is directly related to your capacity to determine when you are satisfied and should cease eating. 

2. Decreased Cravings

Self-awareness is an excellent first step toward establishing a healthy relationship with your body and psyche. 

Decreased Cravings

When you consume mindfully, you typically appreciate your food more and feel fuller. Additionally, you generally make healthier food choices.

3. Better Body Image

Your relationship with food can have repercussions on your relationship with yourself.

Better Body Image

Mindfulness practice can help you cultivate gratitude and self-awareness for the present moment, thereby teaching you to appreciate yourself. 

4. Improved Nutrition

Awareness of what you consume extends beyond simple enjoyment. 

Improved Nutrition

In addition to helping you consume fewer calories, mindful dining may also lead to healthier food choices.

5. Increased Willpower and Motivation

Positive emotions fuel your motivation, resulting in a healthier outlook on your health and your goals.

Increased Willpower and Motivation

Simply being more in tune with your body may help you adhere to your diet better.  

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